Andy Robertson Regrets this moment from Barca encounter

Andy Robertson feels he shouldn’t have shoved Messi when they first met in last year’s UCL clash.

Andy Robertson revealed he regrets shoving Messi in Liverpool’s last Barca encounter. The Scottish fullback is famous for his unwanted and provocative actions on the pitch. He is an eccentric person and loves joking around. His actions with Tom Davies in Premier League and with Rafinha in the club world cup are other examples.

The 24-year-old is one of the best full-backs in present-day football. And he has a string of impressive performances under his belt. He and Trent Alexander Arnold have a staggering amount of assists to their name. Robertson is also consistent in the full-back position and is also great going forward.

Robertson regrets shoving Messi

EPA6986. LIVERPOOL (REINO UNIDO), 07/05/2019.- Lionel Messi de Barcelona reacciona en el juego correspondiente a las semifinales de la Liga de Campeones de la UEFA, este martes en el estadio Anfield de Liverpool (Reino Unido). EFE/ Peter Powell

The left-back said in a recent interview that he does not regret things he has done in the past. And he also mentioned he learns from these things and shapes his personality. But he added he did regret shoving Messi in the back. The incident took place in Champions League semi-final second leg against Barcelona.

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Liverpool won the match four goals to none. And also advanced to the finals which they eventually won. The Merseyside club had a three-goal deficit from the first leg. The team required some great inspiration. And also Anfield was packed to support them. Andy Robertson said that the dressing room that night had great determination and passion.

Andy Robertson got carried away by the atmosphere

Liverpool team was full of passion and determination that night. They mentally prepared themselves to do the impossible. And also Klopp gave them the necessary inspiration. Andy Robertson and Fabinho marked Messi. There was a stumble between Messi and Robertson and both of them fell.

Robertson then got up and shoved Messi in the back before continuing with his game. He hoped it would decrease Messi’s confidence. And this would decrease Barcelona’s overall morale. The referee did not notice the incident and the game went on. Liverpool went on to win the game.

Andy Robertson said that his actions that night was not right. He is not proud of it. The Scotland man respects Messi and considers him the best player in the world.

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