Mumbai Indians to fight against coronavirus with NBA-style equipment

Mumbai Indians(MI) found a new technique to fight against coronavirus similar to the NBA during IPL 2020 in UAE.

Due to the pandemic, all the sports were on a halt for many days. So the sports league was closed for a few days. Whereas, upcoming leagues pushed ahead in the future to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Similarly, the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) rescheduled. As they had decided to have the IPL in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) under the covid19 guidelines.

BCCI had used the biosecure bubble pattern to protect the players and management staff from the coronavirus. However, BCCI gave the Bluetooth device to every player which will detect their fitness and health issues also they need to feed their daily health report on the mobile app.

IPL had taken all the required measures for players. As they quarantine players for a few days before flying to UAE. After then, again they quarantine teams for 6 days at different hotels and done COVID tests of each and every person a couple of times.

So to protect players and management staff from coronavirus Mumbai Indians (MI) invented a new technique. Defending champions and four times title winners Mumbai Indians (MI) discovered the ‘smart ring’ technique to obtain health information of players.

What is MI’s smart ring?

Mumbai Indians (MI) developed the smart ring technique which is similar to the NBA. This information about MI’s smart ring was leaked by the close person of the franchise while talking at ANI.

This smart ring is very sharp as it gives early signals of any symptoms related to covid19 found in the particulars body. As it collects the information related to respiratory rate, heart rate, the temperature of the body, heart rate variance, etc.

The information also said, “The ring monitors the person’s pulse, movements and temperature to present a complete picture so that helps in daily analysis. NBA [National Basketball Association] has made use of a similar ring health device.”

Advantages of Smart Ring to MI

Advantages of Smart Ring to MI
Source: Twitter

Therefore, it seems like the smart ring will help Mumbai Indians (MI) to keep eye on players fitness and changes have taken in particular players’ bodies. It looks very advance as compare to other team methods.

However, other teams use the BCCI’s biosecure bubble method. But Mumbai Indians (MI) had introduced a smart ring in addition to biosecure bubble. So it seems they are one step ahead in safety than other franchises.

Henceforth, it will help Mumbai Indians (MI) to avoid problems and fewer chances to face challenges during the Indian Premier League(IPL) 2020. As they will be more secure than the others.

Overall, Mumbai Indians (MI) set to start their 13th IPL season. As the first match of IPL 2020 scheduled between Mumbai Indians (MI) vs Chennai Super Kings (CSK) on the 19th of September. Hence, IPL fixtures are announced recently.

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