Formula 1 News: Porsche aiming at a partnership with Williams for 2026?

Formula 1 news: Porsche is looking to tie up with Williams for a sensational 2026 entry. This could be big for F1 if the reports are true. It’s been touch-and-go for a while but looks like the talks are set to be being finalized at last.

The new engine regs due in 2026 serve as the golden chance for OEMs like Porsche & Audi to enter the sport.

However, there’s still a lot to think about before Porsche even signs the paperwork. First and foremost, it has to think about which team to back.

Note: Porsche is coming as an engine manufacturer, and as such, the decision of which team to back is the most difficult one.

Formula 1 news: How does Williams fit into this?

If the reports are correct, Porsche is looking at Williams & Haas as its customers, because the remaining teams are either powered by Mercedes, Ferrari, Honda, or Renault.

Now, Haas is too, a Ferrari-backed team, and as such, it is said to be out of the equation because of the strong connections it is building with the Italian marque.

The only team left on the grid is Williams. While Williams is Mercedes-powered, it is an independent team, so it can choose whichever supplier it deems fit.

So, by the looks of it, Williams is the only option for Porsche when it comes to F1 in 2026.

Formula 1 news: When and how did the talks take place?

Thanks to the cost-cap, it is now possible for new entrants like Porsche and Audi to enter, coupled with the fact that the tech regulations were also altered for them.

Back at the Red Bull Ring this year, there were rumours that Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume, was in the paddock to attend the initials talks about the PUs.

Blume was there and was quick to add that for Porsche to enter and turn it into something that it wants, the rules have to change. The rest is history.

The current Head of Motorsport, Fritz Enzinger, back in March this year spoke to BBC and said: “It would be of great interest if aspects of sustainability – for instance, the implementation of e-fuels – play a role in this. Should these aspects be confirmed, we will evaluate them in detail within the VW Group and discuss further steps.”

He further added: “Porsche and Volkswagen AG are observing the constantly changing regulations in all relevant racing series around the world. This is also the case about the emerging new engine and drivetrain regulation for Formula 1 from 2025.

Formula 1 news: What is it going to be?

Another reason why it’ll be Williams-Porsche is that Jost Capito, the team boss of Williams Racing, has already had a long stint at the VW Group, Porsche’s parent company.

He was the Head of Motorsport from 2012 to 2016 before he returned to run its high-performance road car division in 2017. Moreover, he has also worked with Porsche from 1989 to 1996.

The only issue, if you may, here is that nobody knows for sure what is going on in the background, but all the reports, talks, indicate that Porsche will enter F1 in 2026, and it will be with Williams.

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